In 1996, after twenty years in corporate America, I needed a change of venue.  The art of storytelling found me and I fell in love.  THAT was I wanted to do for the rest of my life!  So I embarked on a whole new career, as a professional storyteller.

I believe stories are a universal link between people, generations and cultures. Through my audiences, I’m constantly reminded of that stories have the power to touch hearts and minds.

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“You’re amazing at what you do and I was very impressed at your presentation. You’re an expert in your field, very professional, organized, and very engaging with  your participants. The sunshine state standards in the training helped them create awareness of the importance of storytelling, literacy, and how it can be incorporated within their lesson.”

“Kaye is one of a limited number of people who have the ability to breath life into an inanimate role that would otherwise exist only in dreams, books, and memories. She brings a paper character to life with all the human emotion and warmth only a living, breathing, thinking person can make you feel.”

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